Why honey is good for a cough and the best ones to use

Why honey is good for a cough and the best ones to use


Honey has long been used as a remedy for various throat conditions such as a cough. It is thought to be helpful owing to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey’s viscous nature also provides a soothing effect by coating the throat. Indeed, the NHS recommends mixing honey and lemon with hot water to treat a cough, having found that children suffering from a cough who were given honey coughed less than those that didn’t. So in answer to the question ‘is honey good for a cough’, we can safely say that the answer is ‘yes’.

What is the best honey for a cough?

All of our pure and untreated natural honey is effective against minor ailments such as a cough or sore throat. Produced as nature intended, it does not contain any additives or unnatural stuff that could stop the natural cough-reducing compounds from working.

Let’s take a look at some of our different honeys, the ways in which they’ve been used over the years to treat specific conditions and their tasting notes. You can then make up your own mind as to which of our honeys is best for treating a cough.

Egyptian Black Seed

The subtle herbal aroma of black seed is combined with our natural honey to create an invigorating concoction. Also known as black cumin and black caraway, you can imagine the kind of taste it invokes, along the lines of an aniseed-like spice. It ticks all the boxes in terms of the assistance it provides to the human respiratory system, having been used as a complementary treatment for asthma, bronchitis and flu, amongst others. It’s therefore a good remedy for a cough that may arise as a result of a more acute affliction.

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British Borage

The vibrant blue flowers of starflower, or Borage, aren’t just a pretty face – they pack some potent health benefits too. Borage is supposedly beneficial in the treatment of asthma, with this study finding a reduction in inflammation in 37 people with mild symptoms. It should be pointed out however that the results were not 100% conclusive.  Another study found that children suffering from redness and itching had their symptoms eased by wearing clothing that was coated in borage oil for 2 weeks. The common theme here is anti-inflammatory, meaning that it complements honey’s existing health properties rather nicely. It’s therefore a good choice of honey for a cough.

Taste wise, our British Borage honey provides a subtle, floral sweetness. It would complement a herbal tea very nicely indeed, the perfect cough relieving potion.


This distinctive yellow-coloured spice contains curcumin, a substance that has been proven to contain powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies have shown it to be particularly effective at treating depression and arthritis. It can even be used to prevent certain cancers and heart disease. Its cough-treating properties are not as well documented as either black seed or borage, so it might not be your first choice in this instance. However, we simply had to include it here owing to its incredible all-round health benefits.