What’s the white stuff on top of my honey?

What’s the white stuff on top of my honey?


Every jar of honey that we produce at Local Honey Man is unique. The colour, consistency and taste can vary depending on the type of flowers the bees have collected pollen from, the time of season and the location of the hives. It’s not unusual for our honey to look totally different from jar to jar, but each one and every one is always of the very finest quality. Our customers often ask us about the differing appearance of our products and why no two jars look the same.

honeycombOne question in particular that we hear all the time – what’s the strange white foam that forms on top of my jar of honey? Some people worry that this is a sign that honey does have an expiry date after all, and that their product has gone off. Don’t worry – this layer is actually formed through a natural process and is the most nutritionally dense part of the jar! Over time, natural honey will crystallise and air bubbles rise to the top of the jar, which causes the thicker, swirly white layer to form.


This process is a sign that the honey has been packed naturally, without any heating or added artificial sugars.


If you find a layer of this ‘honey foam’ at the top of your Local Honey Man jar, count yourself lucky! You can enjoy your delicious natural honey with peace of mind that the crystallisation only makes this superfood even more nutritious, and that it’s been lovingly and naturally created for you, straight from the beehive to the jar.



It’s prime star flower season right now, so head over to our Borage honey page and pick some up fresh from the hives!

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