Morrisons is ditching plastic bags. Here’s why we’re proud

Morrisons is ditching plastic plastic bags. Here’s why we’re proud


Starting this coming Monday 24th August, Morrisons is ditching its plastic ‘bags for life’ and replacing them with sturdy paper bags. The roll-out will be across eight stores initially and if successful, it’ll be expanded to all its 494 stores. It’s estimated this will save around 90m plastic bags from being used annually, or 3500 tonnes of plastic. The new paper bags will be able to carry 16 litres – the equivalent of 13 bottles of wine – and will be easily recyclable, not to mention reusable.

It cannot be overstated how huge this is. One of the big 5 supermarkets is, if the trial is a success, about to become the first in the UK to completely eradicate plastic bags. Surely others will have to follow suit very quickly.

It’s just one of the many reasons that we’re so proud to be a trusted supplier to Morrisons.

Morrisons’ ethics are closely aligned with our own

Take one look at Morrisons’ approach to ethical trading page and you can see that the supermarket is committed to putting carbon reduction, human rights, redistribution of food waste and food safety firmly on their collective agenda. Their ethics and values are very much aligned with Local Honey Man’s. Just this past week we have been in discussions with several compostable packaging companies about switching our glass jars to plant-based alternatives. More on that in the coming weeks!

Caring for the planet

Honeybees are essential for the survival of our planet. Without pollinating insects, many of the plants and crops that we require to sustain us would not grow. The world’s most prolific pollinator, the honeybee is responsible for around a third of all food crops that we consume.

Every jar of Local Honey Man honey sold allows us to invest in more hives, bee colonies and ensure that we can provide them with the care and attention they need to live in harmony with nature. We only feed our bees the honey they produce themselves, so it’s one big circle of positivity and growth.

We may be growing as a company, but we will always be led by our strong approach to ethics, caring for the planet and promoting the survival of the honeybee that life depends on. Being able to supply Morrisons stores across London with our honey means that not only can we grow the natural honey and honeybee preservation cause, but we are aligning our growth with that of a supermarket who do things the right way.

We’ll be watching Morrisons’ paper bag trial with keen interest, and keeping fingers crossed that it’s the roaring success that it deserves to be. If it is, then one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets is about to take the lead on eliminating plastic for good. What will you do?

Photo: Morrisons / PA

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