British National Nuc of Honeybees – Delivery (Deposit)


You have come to the right place to buy honey bees for delivery. We have honey bees for sale that are good tempered and easy to handle on the comb. Our honey bees are perfect for starting out in Beekeeping and for advanced beekeepers who have experience keeping honey bees. The honey bees for sale are very productive and they make inspections therapeutic and a real joy.


We will have 2019 overwintered honeybees for sale and we will also have 2020 honey bees. Where possible we will always provide overwintered honey bees. This will be perfect for those just starting out or those looking to expand.

All honey bees for sale are inspected by Defra and NBU once a year. We have Honey Bees for sale on 5 frame British Standard National frame system. We can also offer other beehive systems so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your requirements.

All honey bees for sale come with a healthy laying honeybee queen, frames of brood (emerging honeybees) in all development stages, frames of honey stores and a free transportation box full of honeybees, sufficient to sustain the honeybee colony in their new home.

We charge £265 for each British National honey bee Nuc. The remaining balance will be due prior to the delivery of your nuc £190 + £75 deposit; this includes next day guaranteed delivery before 1 pm with Royal Mail. We have found that this delivery method incurs the least amount of stress and ensures the bees arrive safely.

All honeybees for sale via delivery will be ready for dispatch on the 4th June (pls note this date is subject to the weather as this is livestock and not a product off the shelf)

Please prepare yourself for the exciting journey of becoming a Beekeeper and Buy today!

If you require more details or have any questions regarding your honeybees, please contact us at [email protected] or 0203 302 5690.