Hello, Welcome To The Local Honey Man!

As champions of the bee saving community we want to shine a bright and delicious light on the natural health benefits of raw local honey.

We want our bees to survive, so we want you to eat raw, local and better. That’s why the Local Honey Man was created. To give you access to the finest, 100% pure British Raw Honey and bee products, delivered straight from the hive to your door.


Curtis, the Local Honey Man, realised his love for beekeeping the moment he was introduced to life in the hive. Once his hands braced the honeycomb for the first time, he was hooked. After learning the secrets of bee farming from his uncle, a master beekeeper, his passion for saving the honeybee became a reality.

Before this his knowledge of beekeeping was limited.  The thought of urban bee life and maintenance was alien to this Londoner; he questioned whether beekeeping in the city was just a fad but his uncle made what seemed impossible possible by setting up his first apiary.

Falling in Love with Beekeeping

Amazed and stunned, Curtis saw the gates to this incredible food source open up.  It is his belief that everyone should be able to indulge in one of the best energy sources available in the world.

Since then, Curtis has dedicated his life to being an urban ‘beentreprenuer’, spending many waking hours learning about the secret life of bees.  Curtis has built a network of hives and nurturing beekeepers across the whole of the UK, which helps protect the UK’s precious bee population.

Delivering Real, Local Honey

It’s through this impressive network of local hives that Local Honey Man produces 100% pure, raw and natural local honey. We really believe in the goodness of pure honey, so every jar of Local Honey Man honey is straight from the hive to the jar – no syrups, additives or gimmicks! That’s the Local Honey Man Way!

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