If you're looking for fun, engaging team building activities, then join us at the Local Honey Man for a unique corporate team building experience. 

Our bee-rilliant bee experience workshops take you and your team through the fascinating world of beekeeping and how teamwork among bees can inspire greater collaboration and efficiency in your entire team. Perfect for corporate groups of all sizes, our workshops offer a truly memorable experience. 

Engage, Learn, and Grow as a Team

During your private bee workshop, you will take part in lots of fun activities, including harvesting raw honey straight from one of our hives!

A fully interactive beekeeping experience, you'll learn about beekeeping and urban beekeeping, then get suited up in beekeeping protective gear and be given hands-on activities to do in the hive, of course always guided by our expert beekeepers. 

This immersive bee experience is a great team building exercise and the perfect event to help inspire communication and team bonding.

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Ready to give your team a memorable experience they'll buzz about for years to come? 

Contact us to schedule your experience and for more details on what to expect during your bee adventure.

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Warning !!!

All Local Honey Man workshops come with a risk warning. Participants are likely to become huge Bee Lovers and honey consumption will increase after attending. Please attend with caution.