Here at Local Honey Man, we’re big bee-leivers that everyone should have access to local raw honey and, if they want to, have the chance to learn the craft of beekeeping.

That’s why we offer unique, hands-on workshops that give the perfect introduction to beekeeping, British honey bees and beehives. Our workshops have bee-n especially designed for charities and non-profit organisations.

Our beekeeping courses are fun and hands-on, with participants getting full training on honey production, including getting on some protective clothing and helping us harvest honey from our own hives!

Proudly part of the association of beekeepers, (The British Beekeepers Association), we really believe in active community engagement and holding community events. Check out some of the amazing workshops we’ve already done and give us a buzz if you want to arrange a beekeeping workshop for your charity or non-profit organisation.

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