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6th December 2017   

I never buy any other honey any more. I buy 4 jars at a time. And if I accidentally run out I do without until my local honey man honey is delivered. And I eat honey every day.

19th November 2017   

I bought my first couple of jars of golden honey from LHM a few days ago, thought I'd find a producer of local honey. I used to get my raw honey from a Harlow beekeeper so I know what it tastes like compared to the honey we are sold in our supermarkets. So when I dipped my finger into the Jar to give it a quick taste. What happened next was indescribable, the taste buds just exploded...first thing that came to mind was lemon, which is my favourite flavour, so a huge bonus. The rest of the explosion of taste in my mouth is beyond words for me...all I can say is that u need to taste it yourself to experience what I did. I'm in love with this honey, it's definitely my pot of gold. I have so much respect for these bees that foraged the local flowers to produce such nector. Hats off to LHM for allowing us to share all your effort too in bringing this product to our lives. If u aren't convinced then all I can say is that u are missing out on the best local honey u will ever taste. Well done LHM.

14th June 2017   

I can honestly say it's the best honey I have ever tasted, the customer service was great and delivery was quick.
I recommend to everyone who likes honey to get in contact with local honey man and taste there products, you will not be dissapointed.

28th February 2017   

I love raw honey and this is something special you can tell the quality from the moment you open the jar amazing flavour will be keeping up my subscription

29th October 2016   

I had purchased a couple of jars this honey, firstly through Amazon before discovering the Honey man shop. I had previously tried supposedly raw honey from quite a few different suppliers via Amazon and eBay and didn't find anything that had consistency of quality or taste.There is an incredible amount of dodgy honey out there(funny honey) which can be easily discovered by doing the standard tests for raw (pure) honey, and I was literally shocked with what I found. So the solution is very simple and it is to buy your honey through someone who you can trust. The Local Honey Man is that person for me. I get delicious,raw tasty and trustworthy honey delivered to my door through a subscription which will ensure that i never run out of my supply. So if you care about just what it is your eating and your health, then make sure you know what your buying

28th March 2016   
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Yesterday I bought a small jar of raw borage honey at London farmers market.

I never thought that honey can have such perfect consistency. It flows slowly like some kind of fine cream, can be poured and spread easily with a spoon, still it isn‘t too runny so it can spooned easily from the jar without any kind of trickery to avoid messing and dripping it to the side of the jar.

The taste is another thing. I've already tried heated (non-raw) borage honey and there wasn‘t anything special about it but this raw borage honey has a beautiful and strong distinctive flavour. The borage flavour is strong enough to compete with the usual honey-and-sugar flavour and adds to the taste of the food you eat it with.

I can eat about 1/4 of the 0.5kg jar with apple sauce before I start feeling the sugar rush in my blood. A lot of other honeys give me this effect earlier, after about 3-4 tablespoons. I know, I’m too greedy sometimes...

This honey is by far the best I've tried in my life. It outperformed the others in every aspect. I usually keep a jar of raw honey that is very thick and sticky, doesn‘t really flow, and another jar of non-raw heated honey that can be dripped easily.
This honey is a perfect 2in1 replacement for both with superior quality compared to any of the previous honeys on my shelf. I'm definitely hooked if the quality stays like this. Besides borage I'll have to try the other LHM honeys next week.

7th October 2015   
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" During the night, your brain uses a lot of energy. One efficient form of brain energy comes from sugar stored in your liver, called liver glycogen. Your brain taps your liver glycogen before hitting your muscle glycogen (stored sugar in your muscles), so having a little extra sugar before bed can help your brain function better at night. Raw honey is preferentially used to stock liver glycogen, so it is used first for brain function.

Raw honey is 22% better at making liver glycogen than the cooked, conventional stuff you‘re likely to find at the supermarket. Taken without protein, a small amount of honey will raise blood glucose while you sleep too. I was skeptical of this trick when I first heard about it in The Honey Revolution, but I found it does work well as long as you don’t combine it with protein. Also I find that adding Raw honey into my sleep routine kills any sweet tooth I have the next day. For me it makes sense to invest in your sleep as sleep is very over looked factor in modern society and the only provider I know that produces the raw goodness (which seems to be hard these days) is the local honey man. "

2nd June 2015   

Local Honeyman honey is one of a kind
The likes of which are hard to find
Not for me the cheap imitation
I like quality on every occasion!

Their honey is sweet and beyond compare
Lush and heavenly – too good to share!
Change to another? – not in haste
Not when I’ve found the perfect taste!!

Kind regards


14th November 2014   

Just a wee note to commend you (& yer bees)on the sublime taste of your current batch of the golden honey – it’s a taste I’ve only come across once before in a carton of comb honey from a small producer in Glasgow!
I’m hoping that the jars I’ve just ordered are of the same batch and have that same flavour.
In any case yer honey’s great!

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