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17th January 2020  

Absolutely loved it! I purchased the black seed and turmeric infused honey. Literally demolished within a week by the family! Ordering more!

17th August 2019  

I bought a bee hive and swarm of bees. Delivery was seamless and the team was very helpful arranging a local beekeeper to come and help me with setting up the hive. Thank you!

6th February 2019  

After seeing your company on the television, I would really like to try your product. I live in Birmingham so it is difficult to get to the Farmers market. I rang the company and I was told that I could order via your website. That is really useful. In the farmers market you allowed prospective customers to taste the product prior to purchasing. I would really like if this option was extended to prospective customers purchasing from the website. It would be nice to have a sample product of 3-6 different flavours to purchase. This would enable me to make an informed choice of which flavours I liked the best and would like to order. I think if I made a random choice and did not like it, I may be discouraged to make another purchase. I really enjoyed your journey as depicted on the TV. I wish you continued success in your business.

26th January 2019  

I would like to leave a customer's review for the Lady tending The Local Honeyman stand at the South Kensington Farmer's Market today (26/01/2019). Meghan was really helpful and knowledgeable about the product and I was amazed by the quality of the product available along with the incredible commitment of your company to provide the best honey without compromising values ( or the bees safety as Meghan explained. I unfortunately did not get to make a purchase today but will be looking forward to in the near future (hopefully the stand gets to stay at the farmer's market). I was happy to meet Meghan and her enthusiasm for her trade. It's always amazing to meet like minded people who wish to make purchases that reflect their eco friendly values. Thank you so much for what you are doing for the world and for caring for your bees.

9th July 2018  

I bought bees from local honey and unfortunately due to the beast from the east they were delayed. However, having received them and installed several weeks on, the bees are very productive, calm and the queens are prolific layers. Really pleased.

28th March 2018  

Lovely products & I’m amazed at the speedy delivery time. I’ve just placed my 2nd order. Here’s to many more!

8th March 2018  

I am absolutely hooked on the Cinnamon flavoured honey. I spread it quite thickly on my toast. Bought TWO jars today (7th) and said to the saleslady that I think they should do larger jars!

28th January 2018  

I bought the pollen at a local market stand from this company and the trader told me it's locally produced in East London. I only after realised that the label of the product says "Product of Hungary" which left me quite puzzled and as if I was cheated...

2nd January 2018  

5* Experience from curtis and the team and to the honey itself. keep up the hardwork and carry on impacting peoples lives with this natural medicine created by Al Khaaliq (the creator)

6th December 2017  

I never buy any other honey any more. I buy 4 jars at a time. And if I accidentally run out I do without until my local honey man honey is delivered. And I eat honey every day.

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