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Through our nationwide cooperative of beekeepers and farmers we are now able to offer wholesale honey to businesses large and small across the UK.As we’ve always done, we only source the finest, premium quality British local honey, farmed ethically by our trusted partners. We have all types of wholesale honey available, with quantities subject to the time of season and type requested.

Simply Send us an email or give us a buzz on the number below, whether it’s a one-off purchase or on an ongoing basis, we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, then may we present…

International honeys of the world, delivered to you

An international wholesale honey venture from Local Honey Man, sources the finest natural honey from around the world.
Buy in bulk – any amount, any type, from anywhere in the world.
We adhere to Local Honey Man’s strict purity policy, with all honey sourced being untreated, unpasteurised and unfiltered wherever possible. We work with the world’s most reputable and upstanding beekeepers and farmers and only source honey that has been extracted ethically, from responsibly cultivated flowers
Send us an email or give us a buzz on the number below to get the ball rolling, and to find out about some of the natural honeys we can source for you from around the world!

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