Powerful Natural Remedies From Your Local Honey Bee

Welcome to your trusted source for bee-derived natural remedies. Bees truly are amazing, as well as delicious raw honey, they provide us with natural remedies for things like a sore throat and allergic reactions.

From the antibacterial activities of bee propolis and propolis tincture, to the healing properties of beeswax and bee pollen, our natural bee products harness the full potential of nature’s finest workers.

Our wide variety of natural products are ethically made by lovely honeybees in our hives based all across the UK. There's no additives, no nonsense, straight from hive to your door - that's the Local Honey Man way.

Whether you're looking to soothe, heal, or enhance your wellbeing with a natural remedy, our wide variety of bee products are just what you've bee-n looking for.