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Bee Lavish

Bee Lavish

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Subscribe to a world of all the real honey you can get!

From the hive to your home!

Fancy getting a box of 100% pure, real delicious honey direct to your door on a regular basis? You choose the honey and how often you would like it. We’ll deliver the goods and throw in a few surprises and freebies to show you how grateful your bee friends are for your custom. These subscription packages make wonderful gifts too!

What do you get?

Discounts on our honey
Exclusive and limited edition honeys
A hassle free service from hive to home!
For more information on subscriptions please visit our FAQ’s Page

Additional Information

Treat yourself to 6 jars of honey. Be adventurous and try some of our other real honey!

Subscribers save with Local Honey Man, with a value of £66.00, get it today for £56.95

2x Golden 340g

2x Borage 340g

1x Rapeseed 340g

1x Infusion 340g

For more information on subscriptions please visit our FAQ’s Page

Please note that postage will apply to each delivery

Nutritional Value

About Local Honey Man

We are champions of the bee saving community. When you buy a jar of honey, or any bee product, from us here at the Local Honey Man, not only are you getting 100% pure and unpasteurised honey straight from your local hive, you’re also helping to protect the British honey bee - one of the world’s smallest, but greatest wonders.

Our real honey has no additives, no nonsense, just premium British raw honey, just as nature intended. That’s the Local Honey Man way!

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