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Bees for Business

Bees for Business

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We have Honeybees for sale that you can use to create your own Beekeeping and Honey business. We recommend that you have at least some beekeeping experience in handling bees but if not, we can offer some beekeeping consultancy! We found the best way to start Bees for business is to start with 10 or 20 hives, this should pay back in a season the money you have initially invested. (Even in years where we have had bad winters the bees still produce a respectable crop)

The working hives will cost £350 each and should return you about one ton of honey (dependant on available forage and favourable weather conditions). If you are prepared to move the bees from crop to crop, moving with the honey flow you could get triple the amount. However large the crop you get in your first year, remember you have the bees and the beeswax for next year and every year thereafter.

We know other honey companies that will buy your whole harvest (at bulk prices) so you have a guaranteed sale outlet, just let us know if you need us to introduce you.

The bees for business package consists of used British Standard National brood boxes with a colony of Carniolan or Buckfast bees on drawn Hoffman frames, a floor, and a 4″ roof. All the equipment will be British national which makes beekeeping simple. All frames, hives- wax- bees- queens will be seasoned overwintered, everything will have been checked by an NBU bee inspector prior to leaving us, setting you away with a disease-free start. You will need to provide your own ratchet straps and traveling screens for transportation.

The terms are simple, we take a deposit of £500 when placing your order. The remaining balance for 10 is £3000, the remaining balance for 20 is £6,500, the remaining balance for 50 is £17,000 and is paid in full on collection. The collection is in the spring and summer months giving you the season to manage your bees.

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When you purchase anything from the Local Honey Man company you are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, this is what we pride ourselves on as a business.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at:

Buy today to start this amazing journey of being a self-sustained Beekeeper working for yourself

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list please send your contact information to

Ready to start your amazing road to owning your own business in Beekeeping and Honey?

We have full Honeybee colonies for sale with options for 10, 20 or 50 colonies in used standard national hives complete, withdrawn Hoffman frames. Each with a young mated Buckfast Queen, with eggs and brood in all stages, plus stores of honey and pollen, covered in worker bees, all ready to start you on an amazing road to owning your own business in Beekeeping and Honey.

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About Local Honey Man

We are champions of the bee saving community. When you buy a jar of honey, or any bees or bee product, from us not only are you getting 100% pure and unpasteurised honey straight from your local hive, you’re also helping to protect the British honey bee - one of the world’s smallest, but greatest wonders.

Our real honey has no additives, no nonsense, just premium British raw honey, just as nature intended. That’s the Local Honey Man way!

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