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Flower Designed Beeswax Candles

Flower Designed Beeswax Candles

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The latest addition to our beeswax range, enjoy our bestselling 100% pure beeswax candles in a unique flower design!

Perfect as a gift, or to light up your own chosen space, these candles simply contain beeswax and a wick… about as pure as it comes.

The main benefits of these candles over traditional ones are the sweet, light honey-scented fragrance that is released into the air with each burn as well it burning longer than traditional candles to release a beautiful warm glow.

Taking flower-power to the next level, these flower-inspired candles are the latest to join our 100% pure beeswax range.

Compared to usual paraffin wax candles which are made from petroleum, coal or oil shale, these beeswax candles are made naturally by bees and is also a renewable energy source.

Benefits of burning beeswax candles:

+ Burns longer than other candles
+ Releases negative ions cleaning and purifying the air
+ Non toxic and non-allergenic
+ Burns with a bright amber glow and releases a subtle honey fragrance

We have a variety of other candles for sale and 100% pure beeswax bars.

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About Local Honey Man

We are champions of the bee saving community. When you buy a jar of honey, or any bee product, from us here at the Local Honey Man, not only are you getting 100% pure and unpasteurised honey straight from your local hive, you’re also helping to protect the British honey bee - one of the world’s smallest, but greatest wonders.

Our real honey has no additives, no nonsense, just premium British raw honey, just as nature intended. That’s the Local Honey Man way!

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