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Langstroth nuc of Honey Bees Delivery (Deposit) 2024

Langstroth nuc of Honey Bees Delivery (Deposit) 2024

You have come to the right place to buy honey bees.

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We have honey bees for sale that are good-tempered and easy to handle on the comb and they are perfect for starting out in beekeeping and for advanced beekeepers who have experience keeping honey bees. These honey bees are very gentle and they make inspections therapeutic and a real joy.

We charge £310 for each Langstroth honey bee nuc.

We take a £40 (non-refundable) deposit up front and the remaining £270 balance, paid upon delivery of your honey bees.

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About Local Honey Man

We are champions of the bee saving community. When you buy a jar of honey, or any bees or bee product, from us not only are you getting 100% pure and unpasteurised honey straight from your local hive, you’re also helping to protect the British honey bee - one of the world’s smallest, but greatest wonders.

Our real honey has no additives, no nonsense, just premium British raw honey, just as nature intended. That’s the Local Honey Man way!

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