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Pure Heather Honey

Pure Heather Honey

An exquisite honey straight from British heather moors

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Our gourmet pure heather honey comes from the finest heather moors, across the UK

This exquisite and sought after honey is dark amber in colour, highly aromatic with slight bitter, tangy and smoky notes. It has a strong distinctive woody, warm, floral, fresh fruit aroma reminiscent of heather flowers. It works really well with yogurt, fruit and with salty cheeses.

UK heather honey is considered true “heather honey”. The heather ours bees use to make it is a low growing evergreen native of Europe with a liking for dry acidic soils.

UK heather honey has unique sensory qualities and exhibits a gelatinous property called thixotopism. Normally it is gel-like and firm, but it will become temporarily liquid if stirred or agitated.

A sign of purity is the presence of small air bubbles trapped in the gel-like honey (a result of pressing to extract the honey), and while it has a bright appearance, it will not be clear.

British heather dominates the moors across the UK and is also found in the uplands of Ireland. These areas account for about 75% of open heather moorland. Heather grows on moorlands or dry heathlands which are characterised as open areas of land with few trees, at altitudes up to 300 metres.

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Weight: 255g Jar, 340g Jar, 1kg Bucket, 5kg bucket

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Every Local Honey Man jar of honey contains completely raw, unpasteurised honey with no additives.

About Local Honey Man

We are champions of the bee saving community. When you buy a jar of honey, or any bee product, from us here at the Local Honey Man, not only are you getting 100% pure and unpasteurised honey straight from your local hive, you’re also helping to protect the British honey bee - one of the world’s smallest, but greatest wonders.

Our real honey has no additives, no nonsense, just premium British raw honey, just as nature intended. That’s the Local Honey Man way!

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