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Beehive clearer board for National Bee hive


Beehive clearer board

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Fast and effective Bee clearer board.

Crown Board Dimensions: 460mm x 460mm

8 way bee escape measuring 25.8 cm in diameter.

Central hole diameter: 45mm.

Crown Board is made in the UK from 5mm plywood, with pine/redwood edging strips that covers the end grain of the plywood, ensuring a longer life span.

How To Use

This must be one of the quickest ways to vacate bees from parts of your hive.

Simply place the Bee clearer board board between the super you require to clear of bees, ensuring the yellow disc is facing downwards. The bees will simply move around the hive and make their way downwards, but will not be able to make their back up.  Why do this?  Simply because when you remove the super full of honey to take back home for extraction it will be empty of bees!

Top Tips

  • Leave the Bee clearer board overnight or at least 8 hours before removing the supers you want to take your honey from.  The 8 way clearer is one of the quickest way to clear bees, due to the number of exit channels the bees have.
  • Don’t leave the clearer board in place for an extended period, bees are very clever and will eventually find their way back up!