Flower Designed Beeswax Candles


The latest addition to our beeswax range, enjoy our bestselling 100% pure beeswax candles in a unique flower design!

Perfect as a gift, or to light up your own chosen space, these candles simply contain beeswax and a wick… about as pure as it comes.

The main benefits of these candles over traditional ones are the sweet, light honey-scented fragrance that is released into the air with each burn as well it burning longer than traditional candles to release a beautiful warm glow.


Taking flower-power to the next level, these flower-inspired candles are the latest to join our 100% pure beeswax range.

Compared to usual paraffin wax candles which are made from petroleum, coal or oil shale, these beeswax candles are made naturally by bees and is also a renewable energy source.

Benefits of burning beeswax candles:

  • Burns longer than other candles
  • Releases negative ions cleaning and purifying the air
  • Non toxic and non-allergenic
  • Burns with a bright amber glow and releases a subtle honey fragrance

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