Complete Beehive with Honeybees – Delivery (Deposit)


We will have 2019 overwintered honeybees for sale and we will also have 2020 honey bees. Where possible we will always provide overwintered honey bees. This will be perfect for those just starting out or those looking to expand.


Total cost for a complete beehive with honeybees are as follows:

Flat Pack – £635

Assembled – £685

This amazing package is available from Spring 2020 (weather dependent), we have included the delivery cost in the price please see below breakdown:

Royal Mail Special Delivery before 1:00 pm – £35 (bees)

Delivery of beehive – £55

The remaining balance will be due prior to the delivery of your package.

In addition to the honey bees you will also get a brand new national beehive consisting of:

4″ Roof
2 X Supers with SN1 Frames & Foundation on Castellated Spacers
Brood Body with 11 DN4 Frames & Foundation
Open Mesh Floor with Entrance Block
Plastic Queen Excluder
Crown Board with Central Feed Hole

We will also provide a good book (the one we learned from in the early days). Bees and Honey by Ted  Hooper or Haynes Bee manual

Please prepare yourself for the exciting journey of becoming a Beekeeper and buy today!

If you require more details or have any questions regarding your honeybees, please contact us at or 0203 302 5690.

Thank you so much for ordering with the Local Honey Man.

Your custom is appreciated.

All the best

Local Honey Man

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