Full Colony of Honeybees Collection (Deposit) 2024


You have come to the right place to buy honey bees. We have honey bees for sale that are good tempered and easy to handle on the comb. Our honey bees are perfect for starting out in Beekeeping and for advanced beekeepers who have experience keeping honeybees. The honey bees for sale are very gentle and they make inspections therapeutic and a real joy.


We have 2023 overwintered honey bees and 2024 honey bees for sale with overwintered Buckfast or local heading up rapidly building honey bee colonies. We also sell full colonies of honeybees from this season. We prefer to use over wintered honeybee colonies as they have shown hardiness to survive the British winter. Where possible we will always provide overwintered honey bee colonies full of honey and bees.

We have honey bees for sale on a 10 frame British Standard National frame system. Your honey bee colony will be full of adult honey bees, brood, eggs, larvae, young honey bees, and drone honey bees. We have Honeybees for sale on different hive systems so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

The honey bees we sell are perfect for your beekeeping needs and will allow you to produce large amounts of honey. The honeybee colony will have 5 frames of brood with young honeybees just waiting to emerge.

All honeybees for sale come with a healthy laying honey bee queen, frames of brood (emerging honeybees) in all development stages, frames of honey stores and of course; a hive full of honeybees, sufficient to sustain the honeybee colony in their new home.

Total cost for a full colony £440, after placing your order we will be in touch in Spring 2024

We will contact you to arrange and confirm a date for collection from us at 67-69 Sutherland Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 6BH. The remaining balance will be due prior to your collection, collections will only be available on Saturdays between 7 am-9 am we will contact you prior to the collection date to book you in.

Please note when placing an order you will be added to our waiting list, once your order is ready we will contact you.

We are unable to deliver Full Colonies if you require more details or have any questions regarding your honeybees. Please contact us at bees@localhoneyman.co.uk or 0203 302 5690.

Order Now to beat the springtime time shortages!

Please note this is a non-refundable deposit.

Local Honey Man