Gimp Pins / Frame Nails (100g)


Gimp pins used for building wooden frames.


Beekeepers Gimp Pins/Frame Nails used for building wooden frames.  These are the very thin, very sharp frame pins that are an essential part of any beekeepers equipment.

Size: 19mm long x 1mm diameter

Package contains 100g weight (approximately 550 nails) which will do approximately 60 frames with 9 pins in each.

The nails come in a handy tin for safe keeping.


You will need 9 pins per frame, two to attach the side rails to the top bar, four to attach the lower rails and three to attach the wax foundation to the frame itself.


When affixing the wooden strip to the top bar which holds the wax foundation in place, try to put the pins in so that they fall in-between the wires, this will give you a much stronger hold.

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