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INVERTBEE 10 x 1kg – Beefood – BOX DEAL


An all year round bee food, closely resembing the bees natural food (necter).  Invertbebee provides your bees with a high energy feed balanced food containing glucose, sucrose and fructose

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BIG BOX DEAL 10 x 1 kg Beefood/Syrup


Based mainly on sugarbeet sugar, a Invertbee is a beefood that enables the bees to digest the syrup much more readily than simply feeding ordinary sugar solution.

An all year round food, the syrup has been formulated to be given to the bees later into the autumn, eg, after heather honey has been taken off the hives.  It is superb for using as a stimulant in spring, simply by giving each normal hive one pouch at a time.

Invertbebee provides your bees with a balanced food, high energy feed, containing sucrose, fructose and glucose.

How To Use

Place the bag of Invertbee on top of the crown board or frames, using a sharp pin or nail puncture approximately 10 holes in the centre of the bag.

If you are using a flat roof, you will need to provide a spacer above the bag, this can be done using an empty super or eke to ensure there is sufficient room for the bees to get above the bag to suck the syrup out.

Top Tips

Use a crown of thorns to puncture the top of the syrup bag.

Check your hives after the winter months to ensure they have sufficient stores.  Lift the hive, if it feels light then feed them.  Time is of the essence as you don’t want to let the warmth out of the hive, so make sure you have everything ready and ensure a quick swift operation.

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