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Local Honey Man Make your own Beeswax Candle Experience – GIFT VOUCHER


Come along to one of our workshops to understand more about the different types of candles that are sold in the UK, then learn the skills to make your own using beeswax! Learn how to make beautifully scented candles using pure beeswax and natural essential oils and fragrances. A great skill to learn whether you want to start making candles to sell or make gorgeous gifts for your friends and family.

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The experience will include:

  • Learn about the benefits of using pure beeswax
  • What can we use beeswax for
  • An introduction to equipment and materials; types of wax (paraffin, soya, sterine, beeswax, and wax additives), also wicks, dyes, scents.
  • Create your own candle using pure beeswax
  • Learn about the different types of candles produced in the UK
  • What equipment you will need to make your own candle

This course will put you on the right path to success! Enjoy and learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and take home your beautiful handmade beeswax candles.

A fun and friendly experience for Brides & bridesmaids who want to make their own wedding decorations. This is the perfect introduction for beginners to beeswax candle making. Learn the skills to create top quality, fragrant, natural candles you can feel really proud to burn in your home.

Suitable for ages 16+. Under 16s are welcome but must be accompanied by a paying adult (aged 18+).

  • Every person taking part in any activity provided by Local Honey Man. is required to read and complete this text. Booking of this activity assumes your acceptance of this disclaimer.
  • You are accepting that you have read and understood all of the information and risks associated with the activities conducted by Local Honey Man.
  • All participants must listen to all safety briefings and instructions before taking part in any activities. You must NOT partake in any activity if you do not feel you have understood the briefings and/or instructions. If you require more assistance please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Local Honey Man team and/or your instructor.
  • All participants must obey all instructions given by the Local Honey Man team at all times. Local Honey Man reserves the right to terminate any activity immediately if we feel that participants are not following instructions.
  • Strictly no alcohol or non-prescription drugs are to be consumed before or during any activity. If we deem that you are under the influence of any altering substance, you will not be permitted to take part in any activities.
  • All protective equipment provided for you including head veils must be worn for the duration of the activity.
  • All borrowed equipment must remain on-site and returned to the designated area after use. The equipment remains the property of Local Honey Man and in the event of any damage being caused to the equipment through the fault of the user, the participant is liable to pay for the repair/replacement.
  • Local Honey Man is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred.
  • All existing injuries or health issues that may be affected by you taking part in this activity must be reported to Local Honey Man before taking part and noted in the appropriate section of this disclaimer (e.g. heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, known allergies).

By purchasing this product you agree to have read and understood the guidelines above and assume full responsibility for any risk associated with taking part in the activities provided by Local Honey Man. The management will not accept any liability howsoever caused for death, personal injury, loss, or damage suffered by participants.

We have a high demand for our courses and put a lot of energy into organising them so that all involved enjoy the day. If you are unable to attend the course after booking and get in touch with us at least one month before, we will try to move you to another course date where possible. Please note: 25% of your course fee is non-refundable if you cancel your place over a  month before the course date. I’m afraid that should you cancel your place less than one month before the course we are unable to refund your purchase.


We will comply with prevailing Government rules regarding Covid-19, which may include social distancing and the use of face masks, following the Government ruling at the time of your event and we will advise you of the requirements shortly before your event. Our aim is to provide a safe yet rewarding environment to ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding day.


17th April 2021 1pm to 3pm, 18th April 2021 1pm to 3pm, 8th May 2021 1pm to 3pm, 9th May 2021 1pm to 3pm, 5th June 2021 1pm to 3pm, 6th June 2021 1pm to 3pm, 3rd July 2021 1pm to 3pm, 4th July 2021 1pm to 3pm, 7th August 2021 1pm to 3pm, 8th August 2021 1pm to 3pm

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