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Beekeeper for a Day One-to-One Exclusive Gift Experience – GIFT VOUCHER


Our Beekeeper for a Day One-to-One Exclusive Gift Experience is something really special, join us for a unique, up-close, personal tour of our honeybees and spend a day in the life of a bee farmer…

We’ll send you a gift experience voucher for you to give to the recipient, which gives details of how to book.

We make just 10 exclusive one-to-one gift experiences available per year, on selected days from May to September.

We’ll provide you with everything you need, including unlimited refreshments, lunch, and a beekeeping suit for the day. Bring a pair of wellies or sturdy boots but please do not wear perfume or cologne as strong scents can cause problems for the bees. Do not drink alcohol prior to attending. You will be required to sign a declaration in order to partake in the day’s activities.

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We’ll begin by taking you for a guided tour of the gardens with a cuppa to explain the planting schemes we have created and why considering pollinators like the honeybee are important in your own garden.

You’ll be hands-on helping to inspect the hives, take photos and record video, and keep records as our Head Beekeeper Eric explains what he is looking for. There’s no such thing as a typical day in the life of a bee farmer but it can include checking hives for needed repairs and maintenance; preparing new hives; moving colonies; painting hive parts; making up frames; jarring honey, keeping on top of the many jobs of a busy working honeybee farm and allocating newly hatching virgins.

You’ll learn how bees make different flavored honey and enjoy a special honey tasting session – a delicious way to learn about and taste a selection of different honey as unique as the areas the bees forage in.

You’ll shadow our Head Beekeeper, (whose personal journey you can read about more here) for the whole experience, seeing the bees at work and helping to care for them, including a whole range of activities, with opportunities to ask questions and learn one on one. 

Beekeeping is dependent on the weather; the jobs required at the time of the year that you visit. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee what specific elements your day will include but it is normally a full, rewarding, and fairly physical day.

Have you always wanted to bite straight into an authentic honeycomb straight from the beehive freshly made by the bees…..well you will get the chance to do this!

Your day includes a sumptuous, homegrown, and locally prepared lunch with unlimited refreshments, with an hour to rest up over lunch and enjoy the 55-acre gardens. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions before heading home with a very special jar of our award-winning raw honey as a memento of your day.

The day begins at 10:00am and runs to approximately 3:00pm, located at one of the apiary locations specifically chosen for its accessibility and suitability. It will be hosted at the world-renown Birch hotel oasis set within organic 55 acres grounds: Birch Hotel Lieutenant Ellis Way, Cheshunt, Goff’s Oak, Waltham Cross EN7 5HW. You will be given a tour of the beautiful 55 acres of land for you to enjoy nature and wonderful gardens.

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Suitable for ages 16+. Under 16s are welcome but must be accompanied by a paying adult (aged 18+). We will contact you to offer a variety of dates on all days of the week and arrange a mutually convenient day to work with our beekeepers from April to September.


  • Every person taking part in any activity provided by Local Honey Man. is required to read and complete this text. Booking of this activity assumes your acceptance of this disclaimer.
  • You are accepting that you have read and understood all of the information and risks associated with the activities conducted by Local Honey Man.
  • All participants must listen to all safety briefings and instructions before taking part in any activities. You must NOT partake in any activity if you do not feel you have understood the briefings and/or instructions. If you require more assistance please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Local Honey Man team and/or your instructor.
  • All participants must obey all instructions given by the Local Honey Man team at all times. Local Honey Man reserves the right to terminate any activity immediately if we feel that participants are not following instructions.
  • Strictly no alcohol or non-prescription drugs are to be consumed before or during any activity. If we deem that you are under the influence of any altering substance, you will not be permitted to take part in any activities.
  • All protective equipment provided for you including head veils must be worn for the duration of the activity.
  • All borrowed equipment must remain on-site and returned to the designated area after use. The equipment remains the property of Local Honey Man and in the event of any damage being caused to the equipment through the fault of the user, the participant is liable to pay for the repair/replacement.
  • All participants must understand that bees are wild insect and their behavior cannot be guaranteed. Whilst all efforts are made to safeguard our delegates from such dangers, accidents and injuries can happen. In agreeing to take part in this activity, you are acknowledging these dangers and agree to take part at your own discretion.
  • Local Honey Man is not liable for damage or loss to persons or property however incurred.
  • All existing injuries or health issues that may be affected by you taking part in this activity must be reported to Local Honey Man before taking part and noted in the appropriate section of this disclaimer (e.g. heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, known allergies).

By purchasing this product you agree to have read and understood the guidelines above and assume full responsibility for any risk associated with taking part in the activities provided by Local Honey Man. The management will not accept any liability howsoever caused for death, personal injury, loss, or damage suffered by participants.

We have a high demand for our courses and put a lot of energy into organising them so that all involved enjoy the day. If you are unable to attend the course after booking and get in touch with us at least one month before, we will try to move you to another course date where possible. Please note: 25% of your course fee is non-refundable if you cancel your place over one month before the course date. I’m afraid that should you cancel your place less than one month before the course we are unable to refund your purchase.


18th April 2020 10am to 12pm, 18th April 2020 1pm to 3pm, 19th April 2020 10am to 12pm, 19th April 2020 1pm to 3pm, 9th May 2020 10am to 12pm, 9th May 2020 1pm to 3pm, 10th May 2020 10am to 12pm, 10th May 2020 1pm to 3pm, 6th June 2020 10am to 12pm, 6th June 2020 1pm to 3pm, 7th June 2020 10am to 12pm, 7th June 2020 1pm to 3pm, 4th July 2020 10am to 12pm, 4th July 2020 1pm to 3pm, 5th July 2020 10am to 12pm, 5th July 2020 1pm to 3pm, 8th August 2020 10am to 12pm, 8th August 2020 1pm to 3pm, 9th August 2020 10am to 12pm, 9th August 2020 1pm to 3pm